KidZone offers classes in many disciplines. Experienced instructors teach small classes in a child-friendly, safe and non-competitive environment. Your children will build confidence and self-esteem as they enjoy and learn from the wide range of activities available.

 *Siblings can play in our play are during the class for just  1/2 a price - only $4 !!!!!

18m& 3y Tuesday 10:30 $40 a month

Foster a love of movement in your child with this fun and energetic class. Lessons consider students’ attention spans and keeps them happily engaged while learning to translate music to movement. Class will corporate tumbling and dance moves.


5Y-7Y            Thursday 4:15-5:00   $40 a month   9/26/2013-12/19/2013
8Y and up    Thursday 5:00-6:00   $40 a month    9/26/2013-12/19/2013 

Students participating in the Spanish program will not only learn the language, but will also be introduced to cultural aspects and heritage. Music, art and games are incorporated into our fun and unique enrichment program.

5Y-7Y         Monday 4:30-5:30   $40 a month  9/23/2013 - 12/23/2013 
8y and up  Monday  5:30-6:30   40 a month    9/23/2013 - 12/23/2013

This class exposes young people to American Sign Language through various interactive games and fun activities. Let's learn some signs, so you can communicate with your friends in an exciting new way!

4Y & up I Thursday 5:00-5:45 $40 a month  9/26/2013-12/19/2013

You're never too young or too old to become a scientist! Through hands-on fun, let's explore the world around us: Floaters and Sinkers, Learn Physics through Toys, Astronomy, Magnetism, Electricity,  Light and more. Design models, create demonstrations and conduct experiments in this hands-on science class. Main topics: Floaters and Sinkers, Learn Physics through Toys, Astronomy, Magnetism, Electricity and Light.

Mini Chef  Tuesday  5:00-6:00 $40 a month+$10 for ingredients     Starts1/14/14 
Children enjoy hands-on fun learning basic cooking and baking techniques. Science and math skills are the foundation for the cooking activities in this class. Safety is emphasized while preparing delicious, healthy, seasonal recipes.

Tippy Toes  4Y-6Y | Tuesday 4:15-5:00 $40 a month    9/24/2013-6/17/2014

 This class is geared towards the young dancer that shows an interest in music and movement. Students can benefit in participating in the classical technique of ballet, as well as free movement and improve flexibility, placement, discipline and focus, as well as understanding the music we are moving to. For the beginner dancer, we will focus on valuable classical technique, Body placement, placement of head and arms, turnout, flexibility, and stage presence.  For students with prior training we will focus on remembering combinations in center work, as well as across the room exercises.  All classes will be based on a core value, and that is having FUN! I

5y and up| Wednesday 4:30-5:30 / 5:30-6:30  $40 a month     9/25/2013-6/18/2014 

Join us for an exciting class in the traditional Irish form of dancing. Beginner and intermediate level for boys and girls.

This class is designed for those individuals who want to learn flips, handsprings and other floor skills. The emphasis is on improving strength, flexibility and correct alignment for tumbling skills.

8y and up| Tuesday  5:00-6:00 $40 a month     9/25/2013-6/18/2014

 Students will build strength flexibility; develop knowledge of positions, correct alignment, balance, discipline, coordination while having fun.  Students will also learn form, vocabulary, up rock, foot work, freezes, isolations, combinations and variations of hip hop movements.

7y-9y Tuesday  5:15-6:15 $40 a month   9/24/2013-6/17/2014
10Y and up Wednesday 6:30-7:30  $40 a month   9/25/2013-6/18/2014
In  this class we offer a professional dance training and education in a small studio environment. We focus on developing coordination, confidence, team work and love for dance. We strive to provide each student with the necessary skills to reach whatever dancing goal they wish to achieve. 


 To sign up for classes:
Please fill out THIS FORM and send it to Sarit@KidZoneNY.com
or bring it to KidZone | 467 Main St., Cairo


Jill Snyder
Jill Snyder has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Fisheries; she has also completed Education classes at Siena College.
She has extensive experience with children: tutoring, volunteering in schools, leading toddler time at the Cairo Public Library, coaching the local soccer team, as well as raising her own.
Her love of baking and cooking is evident by her exquisite culinary creations.


Mary Fenney
Mary grew up in Bayside, Queens and spent her summers in the Irish Alps, otherwise known as East Durham.  She relocated to the area in 1995 with her husband Sean and has spent the last 17 years raising six children and working as an educator.   She has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Special Education and has been a substitute teacher, a volunteer Faith Formation teacher, and a preschool Special Education teacher for the past 12 years.  Mary's parents were born
in Ireland and she grew up listening to Irish music and dancing.  She started step dancing at the age of 8 and began classes with Michael Farrell in Woodside, Queens at age 12.   She was reintroduced to the Farrell school in East Durham where her nieces and nephew took classes and is now the mother of two championship Farrell dancers. Mary continues to dance in adult ceilis and has placed for the last 5 years at the Eastern Regionals.  Mary volunteers to work with dancers and assists in organizing local performances.  She is president of the parent organization for dance and has a passion to keep the tradition alive.  She is excited about offering a class that will introduce students to the basics of Irish step dancing and to  miliarize students with both traditional and contemporary Irish music and dance.

Shauna Anderson
Shauna Anderson is a language enthusiast who has multiple years of experience working with young people. She has volunteered at the Greenville Sprouts children's summer program for many years and has also worked with children and families at Five Rivers Environmental Center as a student assistant for ten years. Since childhood, she has signed simple words in American Sign Language with her family and has recently studied American Sign Language at the college level. This past summer, she taught three classes at the Greenville Library for adults and children and looks forward to sharing her love of this language with a young audience at KidZone.